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Commissioned Pieces

There are certain steps that business owners and event managers can take to set them apart from the crowd. One way is to commission a stunning piece of custom art that communicates fine taste and sophistication. From a long awaited grand opening, to a celebration of teamwork or goals accomplished, hiring Haruni's Fine Art to put his advanced techniques to work for you shows commitment. Guests, friends, and family are sure to be impressed with each of Ylli Haruni’s one-of-a-kind pieces. Don’t compromise on quality or originality when it comes to artwork to fill your home, business, or community. Get the highest quality instruction and custom pieces possible, with an accomplished painter and illustrator that boasts over four decades of experience and training.



Haruni's  work is priced using a formula which factors in the dimensions of the work, the availability and costliness of materials to be used, and the labor intensity of the techniques/processes that will be explored in creating the work. All price quotes are good for up to 4 months. During that time, if the overall costs have increased,  Haruni will still honor the price you were previously quoted.


All of Haruni's work is original and no two paintings are exactly alike. While he prefers not to copy his past work, he can create a similar piece with the color, content, and spirit of the work that you admire. If you are drawn to some of his past work, please tell him the specific elements that you like and he will do what he can to recreate aspects of that piece and incorporate it into your commissioned piece.



Haruni will make every effort to respond to communications in a timely manner, outline his expectations, and honor the intentions of the agreement. Feel free to email him with any questions regarding any commissioned work.  He will be happy to discuss the work that he does, as well as  teach others.

Completion Time

Commissioned pieces usually take between 5-12 weeks, depending on the size, complexity of design, and current workload. If you are working with a specific deadline, please let him know prior to beginning the project so together you can determine whether his current studio workload can accommodate your needs.

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